3 Fun Family Activities With No Cost

4GUW_287184_8545_300x225.jpgFamily fun doesn’t have to be expensive – or even cost a cent. If you’re interested in free or cheap activities that can keep your family together, there are a lot of things you can do. Whether you want to enjoy a cozy night at home or get the family active, there’s something for everyone.

Tend Your Own Garden

Gardening is a fun way to bring families together and make your yard beautiful at the same time. Begin plants indoors in the spring and transfer them outside once the weather turns warm. Flowers can brighten up your front yard, while a vegetable garden in the back yard can help encourage kids to be proud to eat their veggies.

Go For A Hike Or Nature Walk

A nature walk or hike is a great free activity for the whole family. Before you set out, have your kids make a list of things they want to find and turn the trip into a scavenger hunt. Kids and adults can keep their eyes open for things like perfectly colored rocks, a specific type of bird or a locally grown plant. Pack a picnic lunch of sandwiches made from whole wheat bread, fruits and healthy trail mix and find a scenic spot to sit, eat and enjoy nature and each others company. Many families don’t think they can enjoy a nature walk if they have a very young child, but even toddlers can enjoy the day riding piggy-back in a specially designed backpack carrier.

Enjoy Pizza And A Movie – At Home

A night out for pizza and a movie can cost nearly $100 for a family of four. From sodas and pizzas, to movie tickets, to popcorn and snacks at the theater, one night out can blow your monthly entertainment budget.

Instead, why not host your own movie night at home? Make some homemade pizza dough and let everyone make their own personal pizzas with a variety of toppings. Load up with veggies, pepperoni and cheese for a tasty treat. Consider turkey pepperoni and make the pizza dough with whole wheat flour to up the nutritional content of your pizza!

As the pizza cooks, let your kids choose the movie. Many families have a library full of favorite movies, but if you’re looking for something new, there are plenty of free or low cost options. If you have a subscription movie service that delivers movies instantly to your television, look into your options there. However, if you don’t, many local libraries have an extensive selection of movies you can check out with just your library card. If you’re looking for a new release, consider renting from a local video kiosk. These typically cost just a dollar or two, as long as you remember to return the video on time.

These are just three fun and free activities your family can enjoy together – other possibilities are nearly endless and are limited only by your imagination. With a little creative thinking, you can find many other things to do that can help keep your family close without spending an arm and a leg.

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