Top 10 Pizza Toppings

  1. Pepperoni – This is a topping everyone should know – it’s an American classic. Over 25% of all pizzas sold are pepperoni pizzas
  2. Sausage- This topping is similar to pepperoni, not in taste but in formality, This one too is a true classic
  3. Mushrooms- This topping might be number 3, but pizza lovers love fresh mushrooms on their pizzas
  4. Veggies- This topping is number 4 because people like to eat healthy on top of pizza
  5. Olives- The black treat is really good on a pizza they are even more popular than green olives by 2 to 1
  6. Ham- who doesn’t like meat, especially on a pizza, ham is number 6 because, well . . . because its awesome (especially with pineapple)
  7. Bacon- Ok, do I really have to explain this topping? No one can NOT like bacon . . . it’s delicious
  8. Peppers- This spicy or sweet ( Depending on where you go) treat is well on a pizza
  9. Hamburger- Who like a burger everyone does, so why not try the burger on a pizza it’s the same ingredients as the burgers they sell at the fast food joints
  10. Tomatoes- the red circles on your pizza are of course tomatoes these are good on pizza in fact I think it should tie 7th place with bacon
  11. There is our top 10 list. Let us know what you think.
  12. What is your favorite topping?

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